HPARK 여행사(HPARK travel agency), 2013-15 [ ]
보통의 국가들 Ordinary Nations, 2016-(on-going project)
이야기 만물상, 2015-(on-going project)
밥 먹고 가세요, 2014-15
공가실험 프로젝트 <노명환 기념관>, 2015
승미빌딩 <상장>, 2013
IKEA 'Korea OPEN', 2012
To Busan, In Busan, From Busan, 2012
석수합창단, 2012 l 관양합창단, 2012
To London, In London, From London, 2011
TOP 5 London Guide Book (Part of 'To London, In London, From London),2012
London Clearance Exchange [],2012
Poems on the Underground, 2009
[Open call] 2010 Open Poetry Competition l [Result] Poems on the Underground, 2010
Restaurant: Salaam Namaste Venus in Golden Pagoda, 2009
IKEA, 2010-11 l IKEA 'The January Sale', 2011
ARGOS, 2010-11
Selfridge-Primark, 2011
Trick AND Treat, 2010
Stone upon stone, wish upon wish, 2009
I believe I can fly, 2009
그녀가 돌아왔다(She’s Back), 2005
웰컴텔레콤폴라리스(Welcometelecom Polaris), 2005
플라잉넷: City Fictions(flyingNet: City Fictions), 2005