To London, In London, From London (London Information Centre)

런던을 거쳐간 사람들에게 작가는 런던에서 촬영한 사진과 개인의 사연을 공모 받았다. 공모된 사진의 인물은 작가에 의해 투명한 아크릴판에 그려지며, 작가는 그 인물이 그려진 보드를 들고 그 사진이 실제 찍힌 곳을 방문하여 다시 기념 촬영을 하였다. 이렇게 다시 촬영된 사진은 런던 기념 엽서로 제작되었다.
이 프로젝트는, 런던을 거쳐 간 사람들이 보내온 사진에 대한 기억을 작가가 재해석 하여 새로운 이미지로 탄생할 뿐만 아니라, 이 엽서 위에 또 다른 누군가의 기억이 덧붙여 보내지면서, 더 이상 과거의 머물러 있는 회고적 성격의 기억이 아니라, 또 다른 이야기가 되어 점차 변모해나가는 미래지향적인 기억으로 부유하게 된다.

To accompany the project ‘To London, in London, from London’, artist Hyemin PARK invites anyone who used to live/ stay in London to submit a photograph of their memory of London.

If you would like to take part, please send a high-resolution photograph (more than 1000px) of a past memory and the related story to Please inform when and where it happened.

Based on a participant’s picture and their story, the artist Hyemin Park will re-imaging their personal memory, transforming it in a souvenir postcard. Through the project, the artists will draw a participant’s memory on a transparent board and then take a picture with the place where the moment occurred in the background to evoke the moment. Postcards are displayed at the exhibition ‘London Playground’ at St. Martin in the field at the end of June and at the exhibition 'London Information Centre' at Mok Space.

In London, Post cards, 2011-2012

To London, In London, From London (2011), which is a retrospective and prospective project at the same time. The project begins with tracing individual memory from the past and ends with reviving it for the future. One of the core ideas permeating Hyemin’s works is questioning certain memories, both her own and those of others, and transforming them into a ‘living story’.
The artist asks people who used to live in London - or who passed through London - to send a memorable photo of London with a related story. With this personal photographic memory, Hyemin draws the participant on the transparent board and takes a photo of it again at the same place where the participant took the photo, and then makes a postcard as a final outcome. The captured memory is then exhibited as a souvenir postcard in the gallery and is shared with the exhibition visitors. The artist expects the visitor to write a letter on the postcard and send it back to the initial sender with his/her own stories and memories inscribed.
Is this postcard simply passing one person’s memory to someone else just to recall a good time in London? Maybe not. If one thinks about the process that the postcard has made, one realises that this is not simply a single image of a personal memory presented. The memory has had a long journey to be here. The original sender recalled his/her own memory from the photographic record, which was passed over to Hyemin who depicted her interpretation as a drawing. She then took a photo of it, again at the place where the sender’s memory was once captured, reflecting the artist’s own memorial journey. This becomes a souvenir postcard which acts as a token of remembrance for the sender, the artist, and the exhibition visitor. The postcard is thus an index where multi-layered memories are simultaneously entangled.
More importantly, the memory itself is inherently insecure and incomplete as an attempt to restore the past as it was. Derrida once said ‘the archive takes places at the place of originary and structural breakdown of the said memory’ . What this means is that once one tries to recall and describe a certain memory that is captured in a photo or in a written form as an archive, it is already being distorted and slipping away from the original event per se. It can only contain a trace of what happened there in the past, not the thing itself.
In this sense, Hyemin’s archival postcards project has this ironic feature of the archival memory that slips away from its primary objective to preserve the past. Rather, it is constantly including the new multiple stories renewed by people who engage with the site so that it is moving onto future stories written and rewritten each time. As the process of this project effectively reflects this idea, Hyemin’s work is prospective as well as retrospective, since memory is not something found or collected from the past, but rather something that is made and continually remade towards the future.

Karen Gaeun Ji (Independent Curator)

To London, In London, From London [Ahyoung Beak @ Greenwich Park in London]_Post Card_2011
On 10th Jun 2011, I went to Greenwich Park to chase Ahyoung Beak’s memories of London. Currently she lives in Korea. She stayed in London over a year; 6week in 2007 and a year from 2009 to 2010.
She said “In the autumn of 2007, I‘ve traveled around London with my friend and we were always together. That is why I had been depressed when she had left me alone in London.
It was the most unpleasant time in my life. I often and easily got into troubles in London for no special reasons right after she left. I wish I had someone to talk to and somewhere to relax but I didn't. It was the time I went to Greenwich Park by myself to cheer me up. I had never thought this kind of place would exist in London. While I was walking through the park towards the top, I felt like the wind blew all my problems away. I love everything about Greenwich Park. The view of the city and the whole park amused me. I like taking DLR on the way to Greenwich. I adore the Churos in the Greenwich Market. I love all the streets and small local shops of Greenwich town. However, Greenwich Park totally had changed my impressions and stereotypes of London.
When I went back to London in 2009, the first place I ran toward was Greenwich Park. Visiting Greenwich Park is a kind of pushing the reset button for me to start over. Whenever I got sick of London, I went to Greenwich Park. I am still thinking of Greenwich Park even in Korea. It is the best place of London I have always been missing and will be missing indefinitely."
To London, In London, From London [Hyelin Park @Oxford st in London]_Post Card_2011

“In 2009 winter, I visited my sister who was in London. Everything was new and different so it made me a bit nervous even though I was with my sister.
It was my first day in London when I took the picture. Christmas was coming so everything was bright and celebrated Christmas. It was cold day actually but the bright Christmas light made me warm.In fact, a month later i realised that Christmas in winter without family was not that warm but boring in London.. though…”

To London, In London, From London [Sophie Liu @Peckham in London]_Post Card_2011
15th June 2011, I visited Peckham space with Sophie liu’s memories of London. Sophie liu, from China, stayed in London for her study from 2008 to 2010.
“It was taken in Peckham, an art performance. I wrote down my wishes and tied it with a ballon to put it into sky.
I chose a lovely blue one because it was the colour of the tights I was wearing :) I remember it was a really cold day and just rained. At that time I was living in London for half year, gradually made lots of friends and started to enjoy the city. But I was still very curious with everything and felt so happy to be there---without any worriness that I later might feel. That freshness feeling has now far gone and I think that was one of the happiest times.”
To London In London From London_Installation View_Mok Space_2012
To London In London From London_Installation View_Mok Space_2012
To London In London From London_Installation View_Mok Space_2012
To London In London From London_Mok Space_2012