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City Fictions, 2005 Installation view_2005

City Fictions, 2005
City Fictions(flyingNet, Collective Work): City Fictions is four works of fictionthat were creating usingmarket signs in Insa-dong, Ahyeon-dong, Cheonggyecheon, Wolpyeong-dong.
Welcometelecom Polaris: The artist then created 'Welcometelecom Polaris', a teleport machine which apprears on one of fictions 'Wolpyeong-dong folk SF', using street objects. Then,collaborating with an engineer, she created a scientific explanation of the device.

도시픽션, 2005
간판들이 들려주는 이야기 (플라잉넷): 인사동, 아현동, 청계천, 월평동에서 수집한 간판 상호명을 토대로 써내려간 릴레이 소설.
웰컴텔레콤폴라리스: ‘도시픽션1-간판들이 들려주는 이야기’에 실린 '월평동 향토 SF'에 등장하는 공간이동장치를 일상 오브제를 수집하여 만들었다.