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Trick AND treat, 2010
The performance is for an art event called ‘Art as Play’ on 1st Nov. On Halloween (a day before the show) the artist proceeds in costume, moving from house to house, “treating” handmade cupcakes as well as wishing the homeowners happiness with the comment “Trick AND treat?”. The performance video is shown with Children’s drawings depicting their wishes for people’s happiness.

Trick AND Treat(2010)는 전시 ART AS PLAY 전시를 위한 퍼포먼스이다. 할로윈날 작가는 ‘Trick AND Treat’을 외치며, 직접 만든 케익을 사람들과 나누고 그들의 행복을 기원한다.

Trick AND treat_Performance documentation_5:44min_2010