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Poems on the Underground Installation view_Korean Cultural Centre in the UK_2009

Poems on the Underground, 2009-2010
I am living in London, one of the most international and diverse cities in the world, as a foreigner. In recent decades many different ethnic groups have migrated to Britain and they have adapted their own culture to the new environment. This modification of many different aspects of culture has caused the narrative cultural topography of this city to be made up of the montage of different cultures and the discontinuity of spatial structure. Therefore when I embarked on my practice here I explored London; especially ethnic communities containing specific cultural characteristics such as China town, Hackney and Southall.
I think that food is one of the most significant aspects that indicate one’s own culture and so I started to collect restaurant names form different areas in London. In my project, Poems on the Underground, I attempted to illustrate the ethnic diversity of London also to engage with the public by creating a poetic performance text made up of restaurant names. With the help of participants living in London from various ethnic backgrounds including Chinese, Greek, Indian, and Turkish backgrounds, I arranged these restaurant names to compose a series of poems themed on each ethnic group. Then these were printed onto posters that were of the exact same format as the original ‘Poems on the Underground’, installed onto the underground trains and were left there for people to see.

2010 Open Poetry Competition : Magnetic Poetry
Call to display poems made up of restaurant names.
The aim of the competition is to illustrate the diverse cultural aspects of London by exhibiting poems made up of restaurant names and will be selected by a panel of judges organised by Hpark Ltd. The selected poems will be installed on the underground in London in 2010.
If you would like to take part please take a picture of your magnetic poetry with a camera gallery provides or email your poem/s to before 6th February 2010.
The finalist will be notified in March 2010.

Poems on the Underground, 2009-2010
Poems on Underground 프로젝트는 이민자들이 영국 내에서 형성하고 키워나가고 있는 문화 정체성에 초점을 맞춘다. 런던 시내에 자리잡고 있는 외국 레스토랑 이름으로 무정형 시를 구성하고, 이를 런던지하철에 설치하는 작업이다.이 작업을 통하여 다문화 도시 런던의 몽타주와 그로 인해 발생하는 사회 구조의 복합성/입체성을 표현했다.

2010 Open Poetry Competition : Magnetic Poetry
작가의 많은 프로젝트는 관개들이 참여할 수 있는 ongoing 프로세스를 가진다. 주영한국문화원의 전시에서 작가는 자석으로 만들어진 magnetic poetry 를 설치하고, 2010년 런던 지하철에 설치될 레스토랑으로 이루어진 시를 공모함으로써 관객들의 적극적인 참여를 유도했다.

This is not a gateway festival: Poems on the Underground@TINAG_2010