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I believe I can fly, 2009
I believe I can fly is an improvised performance that Hyemin gave in response to another artist’s performance event held in Peckham Square. Hyemin walks around the square with a balloon and a paper on which she has written ‘I believe I can fly’ (the original title of the performance event held in the square), asking the audience whether she can collect their luggage and keep it for them, as if she were a moving human cloakroom. Here, Hyemin is an audience who correspondingly reacts to another artist’s performance with a specific action, while also being a performer who actively engages with people through her own performance on the same site. By playing two roles (simultaneously audience and performer), Hyemin cleverly blurs the typically distinct border between the passive audience and the active leading performer. (Karen Gaeun Ji l Independent Curator)

작가는 본인 스스로 그 사회 속에 들어가 사람들과 직접적으로 소통하고 교감하기를 꾀한다. 공공미술 행사에서 걸어다니는 물품보관소가 되기를 자처한 그녀의 즉흥 퍼포먼스('I believe I can fly')는 사회 속 사람과 사람들간의 긍정적인 소통과 신뢰를 기반으로 한다.

I believe I can fly_Performance documentation_1:09min_2009